Saint John's new police chief says he is ready to take on new challenges -


"So I'm not daunted," he told CBC's Information Morning Saint John on Thursday.

Ryan Erb, executive director of the United way Perth-Huron, says Bates worked hard as co-chair of final year's campaign.

John Bates, who's at present the actual chief regarding police in Stratford, Ont., says some people may possess reservations regarding his capability to are accessible in as the possible outsider and lead the force in a metropolis that's about doubly huge along with significant fiscal challenges.

Saint John's new police chief says he's ready and excited to adopt around the challenges in the job and grow to end up being able to be an active, "value added" part of the community.

"You can't just walk into a place along with anticipate that folks are going to quickly adopt anyone his or perhaps her leader. He served on the couple of other boards, as well as the actual Children's Aid Society, as they was volunteering using us. So we're heading being sad in order to miss him."

John Bates, Saint John's new police chiefJohn Bates will take over as Saint John's new police chief upon Nov. And Also that's, regarding course, transparency of one's policing service, economic fiscal responsibility, and, involving course, the actual health insurance and welfare of all very first responders.'

- John Bates

"His determination towards the community was not just to the United Method though. 9, says he intends to will find yourself in along with his eyes and also ears wide open.

"I've tried it before, I appear forward to always be able to doing the work here create the respect regarding not only the rank and file with the Saint John Police Force, but the community at large."

Bates says he looks forward to become able to learning a lot more about the specific concerns regarding "the citizens, your politicians and just about all sorts of those in which live and play throughout Saint John.

'I think there's specific things within policing which are kind of globally, as well as nationally at least, of concern. Neighborhood teams in Stratford say his or her loss can be Saint John's gain.

Erb says Bates brought a brand new method of thinking to end up being able to his role as police chief. Bates features a strong resolve for working together with neighborhood groups as the way to avoid crime just before it happens, he said.

But he says he "cut [his] teeth" in policing within Brantford, Ont., which could be really larger when compared with Saint John, both within terms of its population along with the size associated with law enforcement force.

Bates, who's scheduled to begin his new post on Nov. Along With that's, involving course, transparency of one's policing service, economic fiscal responsibility, and, involving course, the health and welfare of most initial responders -- whether they will end up being police officer, fire, EMS -- so that's usually something that's heading to be in the forefront pertaining to me."

And after 21 years in Brantford, Bates took over in Stratford, first as deputy chief, after which as chief, exactly where he managed to deliver surplus budgets for the past three years.

. 9. A Person need to earn their respect, you've in order to earn his or her trust. That Will will be a challenge.

"But throughout 2015, I feel there's certain things inside policing which are kind of globally, as well as nationally in least, of concern


Dreary day? Pinterest offers projects to keep kids busy - Columbus Dispatch

The remedy didn't stick towards the plastic, which makes sense

since it isn't wood.

Step 2: water down paint, however just add a really touch associated with water.

Step 3: Add meals coloring and/or glow in the darkish paint, while continuously stirring.


Step 5: let dry.


Step 4: Add tiny drops of Borax solution to cup, whilst still continuously stirring. It was fun, it absolutely was fool-proof, plus it looks really nice. We additional means too much water in order to the

paint, that created with an even messier activity, plus it didn't look of your exact same quality as it could have got with

less water. you can draw lines with just about all the glue or even tends for you to make drops that look

like rain drops.


Step 1: cover watercolor paper along with watercolors. the watercolors dry quickly, however the glue will take a

lot longer.

Elmer's glue

Clear as well as blue Elmer's glue

Step 3: Sprinkle salt just about all over your watercolor along with glue. Along With this one, it looks good to accomplish an

abstract design. We utilized a plastic knife. The

solution ought to stick for the popsicle stick along with glow.. We actually

signed this 1 and gave it in order to our editor.

A push pin something similar to that small and sharp

Popsicle sticks

Step 1: Place paint throughout each glove. INSTRUCTIONS

We loved this one. the projects, and the interns' findings, tend to be below.

Step 4: Squeeze "udders" to paint throughout whatever direction a person like.

Watercolor paints


can the simple pertaining to several as well as a hardship on others.


Glow in the dark paint

We had troubles with this one. This will add towards the texture of the


Step 2: Inside any separate cup, mix equal parts glue and water.

Crafts through


Parents will find a big quantity of project ideas around the social media site. Whilst this one ended up being super messy, it was any great deal of fun.


Step 3: Using a new push pin, prick holes within the fingertips.


Step 2: Dribble glue around the paper. You also wouldn't like the particular paint to dry totally before the glue as well as salt will be about the

paper, and consequently the faster you'll end up being in a position to paint, the better.

We in addition couldn't have it for you to glow. First, we messed up through forgetting in order to deliver a popsicle stick to

the office. Several places put a various color within each along with every finger, but we

took the recommendation via Pinterest this can easily be difficult and may result in not-so-pretty mixed


Latex gloves (one for each and also every color)


Step 1: Mix equal parts Borax and water.

We considered this one a new success, nevertheless we practically didn't. We added more paint in the end, yet this project ended up being

unsuccessful regarding us.



Food coloring


Watercolor paper


Acrylic paint (as many colors when you like)


Step 4: Allow plenty associated with time and energy to dry. These People range from your quick

and straightforward towards the all-day crafting project.

We requested our web interns to use 3 projects they will entirely on Pinterest to discover if they could make

them succeed


TCA: Comedy Directors Talk Single vs. Multi Camera, Shrinking Running Times - Variety

There's no such thing as a single-camera comedy series, a clutch of prominent TV helmers agreed during a panel session Wednesday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour.

Comedies produced outside of the traditional multicamera stageplay-style format rarely if ever shoot scenes with just a single camera. Most of them use a hybrid multi- and single-camera format, as few showrunners would be willing to risk losing the option of having multiple choices for various shots in the editing room.

"There are degrees of single-camera-ness," said Michael Blieden, whose credits includes "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and FX's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll." He noted that there are plenty of single-cam shows that shoot scenes on a proscenium to mimic a multi-camera environment for actors.

Peter Atencio, director of Comedy Central's "Key & Peele," pointed to "Modern Family" as a show that is "a multicam show very creatively and intelligently done in a single-camera format."

The helmers agreed that the focus on multi- vs. single-cam is "overblown" and that the most important factor is whether the material is funny.

Alec Berg, co-creator and director of HBO's "Silicon Valley," observed that one big difference is that shooting single-camera without an audience allows a show to milk the humor out of awkward moments of silence. "We do a lot of dryer tonal stuff on our show. When you're doing a multicam, you do something that's funny and silent, people laugh, and they fill the silence so it's not silent any more," he said.

On the other hand, the creative team gets instant feedback when shooting in front of an audience. With single-cam, which are often shot out of sequence, "sometimes you're just going, 'Does any of this work on any level?' " Berg observed. In fact, it often falls to the director to reassure the company.

"A lot of my job as the director is to do the job of the studio audience," Berg said. "You're a proxy for the laughs from the audience."

The panel was presented as part of the TCA tour at the Beverly Hilton by the Directors Guild of America. Mark Cendrowski, house director of "The Big Bang Theory," moderated the wide-ranging Q&A.

Helmers weren't shy about saying that they would like to see directors get a little more recognition for their contributions to TV. "I always say that scripts are about ambition," said Tristam Shapeero, helmer of Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," among other shows.

The director "comes along and decides how are we going to shoot that scene to get the funny off the page," Shapeero said. Directors have the tricky job of bringing their ideas to the production while remaining "extremely respectful of the work," he said.

It's especially challenging for a director coming in on assignment for the first time on an established show. It takes homework and plenty of prep to learn the show's protocols and conventions.

"Everybody knows so much more than you do," said Linda Mendoza, whose credits include "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Black-ish." "The only thing you can do is know your script like the back of your hand."

The helmers spoke of their frustration at dwindling running times for shows airing on advertising-supported TV. With some half-hour series running as short as 19-20 minutes, shows run the risk of becoming "a radio play," Blieden observed. "You cram (plot and dialogue) in so much that you've taken all the visual transitions out," he said. "You're using about half of what television can do."

Shapeero noted that when "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" moved from NBC to ad-free Netflix, producers felt "relief" in being able to go back and insert jokes and humorous moments that had to be chopped for time when the show was bound for NBC.

Zetna Fuentes made her half-hour counterparts a little jealous in describing her working environment last season on "Jane the Virgin," with its distinct visual style that breaks the fourth wall and adds other inventive touches. Fuentes said she had a "magical" experience working on the CW drama's season finale.

"The showrunners are game. You really get a lot of freedom (because) visually they want to push it," she said.

(Pictured: "Silicon Valley")

Fitness Competitor Adela Garcia Posts Ridiculous Pushup Regimen on Instagram - Bleacher Report

On Wednesday, fitness competitor Adela Garcia snapped convention more than your ex knee (er, forearm?) when your woman posted the couple of equally insane workout clips online.

Garcia throws traditional form out the actual window, instead opting pertaining to airborne arm-crosses along with abrupt transitions who have to be tough about the forearms.

Didn't consider so.


She says the woman's "signature" exercise ended up being "born throughout 2002." Can anyone genuinely wish to challenge your ex upon that?

What happened in order to a good ol' fashioned group of pushups?


Bindi Irwin on losing her 'Crocodile Hunter' dad: 'You never actually move on' -

Despite their long-distance romance, both remain connected through Snapchat along with Skype.

"You in absolutely no way really move about coming from it," your woman told Australia's "Sunday Style."

Irwin furthermore spoke about how precisely living in rural Queensland, Australia, has helped the woman's reside any normal, quiet existence despite getting inside the continuous celebrity spotlight.


on your verge involving adulthood, Bindi Irwin opens up inside a new interview about how she stays grounded, a new boyfriend and the lasting impact of the girl father's sudden death.

"I really feel lucky to possess him in my life," the lady said.




Irwin, who lately celebrated your ex 17th birthday, was only eight exactly where the woman's father, TV's famed "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, was killed by a barb from the stingray.

Irwin recalled people sharing their condolences in the time, but said your woman could by no means fully accept it when individuals told her "time heals all wounds."

"Growing up exactly where I get has been an excellent factor. part people will always be missing. We travel just about all more than your world, yet I've always been in a position to come home and also run around inside the middle associated with the Australian outback."

Irwin recalled how tough it absolutely was "to escape involving bed within the morning" in the actual course of the girl original mourning. "And when you've lost that, anyone never obtain it back. It's just not necessarily true. It's like losing the part of the heart," your woman said. This has been the nearly all difficult thing I've ever were required to deal with."

"As I'm receiving older, I'm really learning unconditional love and also loyalty tend to be extremely important. "It's so simple to be there when to help to make sure sunshine, however it actually will take strength as well as courage to be there pertaining to each other through the dark times."

. I am aware I can count on my mum and also brother to be there for me by means of good as well as bad times," the lady mentioned in the interview. However the tight bond the lady shares together with your ex widowed mother, Terri Irwin, along with the woman's younger brother, Bob, provides helped the girl heal.

"There actually isn't the higher lie.

Irwin confirmed the girl is dating American wakeboarder Chandler Powell, 18, right after the 2 met while working to be with her "Wildlife Warriors" conservation campaign, with regard to which usually Powell can serve as any global ambassador. "It's not really hustle as well as bustle along with busy, thus that's helpful. I reside inside a town referred to end up being able to as Beerwah, proper in the center regarding Australia Zoo," your woman said


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